Perfectly shaped.

Carefully grown.

ÜberTuber is the nation’s leading provider of premium marble potatoes. We grow our potatoes in select locations in the farmland of southern Colorado and the Adirondacks, New York. Our potatoes meet strict standards for both size and flavor – graded for perfect shape and grown for delicious taste that even discerning palettes will be sure to appreciate.

We ship to locations across the eastern and midwest United States, specializing in just-in-time delivery for single pallet and less than load orders. Our buyers don’t have the added worry of wondering where to put excess stock or if the produce will arrive in time. With just in time delivery you don’t have to factor in added storage space, and single pallet ordering means you can order just what you need to meet demands that change daily.

Learn more about our range and how to plan your order ahead so it arrives exactly when you need it.